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Launched in 2010 and based on education intelligence, Greedy Intelligence is committed to offering all-round technological service to innovators working in the field of education. We are a University of Cambridge spin-out, experienced in assisting partners in terms of automated scoring, speech grading, adaptive testing and blended learning.


1Course is a flexible online learning management system (LMS) optimized for the specific needs of educational institutions. In addition to teacher and student management, online curriculum, assignment, exercise, online testing, student progress supervision and statistical report, 1Course integrates smart grading technology on subjective questions (writing and speaking). 1Course endorses an innovative integration to extend offline education online, seamlessly, which improves partners' efficiency and enhances their revenues significantly.

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Greedy Intelligence specializes in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, which enables massive language processing to be standard, speedy and accurate. From automated essay scoring to adaptive vocabulary test, Greedy Intelligence provides mature and reliable API for technology partners.

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Based on multiple patented technologies, 1Checker is a free of charge English writing software targeted to enhance text readability. With spelling check, grammar check, error explanation, style review, vocabulary enrichment, dictionary, translation, writing templates and more this-is-exactly-what-I-want benefits all packed in one, 1Checker is your superb booster for writing and ideal solution for proofreading.

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